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Water for tomorrow in East Suffolk Webinar: workshop #1

This recording is the first of a series of two workshops hosted by the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust for the Water For Tomorrow Project in East Suffolk. The virtual workshop was run in partnership with the East Suffolk Water Abstractors Group, Sustainable Water Solutions, the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust, WRE, and the Environment Agency and is part of the wider Water For Tomorrow Project managed by the Rivers Trust.

Presenters included representatives from Environment Agency and Sustainable Water Solutions, who provided a clear insight into the current and predicted availability of water across the East Suffolk Region, and how a considerable water deficit is predicted in the years ahead. Discussions within the workshop included, how water reduction may affect local agriculture and industry; what should abstractors be expecting to happen in the future; and how future licencing could impact current and future abstraction licences held and what planning needs to be considered.

The delegates attending the workshop comprised of local abstractors, landowners, local authorities, water companies, representatives from academia, conservations organisations and regulators, as well as other industries who rely on the availability of water, such as food producers and energy industries.

The second workshop in May will focus on local ideas and solutions to help address this water crisis. Invites for the second workshop will be sent automatically to those who were invited to the first, however, if you are interested in attending the second workshop, but missed the first then please contact the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust via